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The Local Planning Committee (LPC) is central to the Downtown Revitalization Initiative. The work of the LPC includes the following:

  • Acting in the public interest
  • Acting as ambassadors of the community
  • Helping to craft the engagement process
  • Setting a vision, goals, and revitalization strategies for the Strategic Investment Plan
  • Establishing the criteria to be used to evaluate projects
  • Identifying additional project information required and setting direction for project development
  • Providing feedback on planning efforts (e.g., project profiles, the Downtown Profile & Assessment)
  • Reviewing, discussing, and evaluating projects
  • Voting on a final slate of projects to recommend for funding

LPC Meetings

LPC Meeting #1 – May 8, 2024

LPC Meeting #2 – June 12, 2024

LPC Members

Members of the Waterloo DRI Local Planning Committee are:

  • Walter Bennett (LPC Co-Chair), Mayor of Waterloo
  • Julia Hoyle (LPC Co-Chair), Finger Lakes Regional Economic Development Council Member
  • Lee Boise, Waterloo Rotary Club
  • Melissa Button, Coldwell Banker Realty
  • Katherine Chase, Waterloo Library & Historical Society
  • Sarah Davis, Seneca County Industrial Development Agency
  • Wendy DiSanto, Waterloo School Board
  • Salvatore Franzone, Ciccinos
  • Jillian Henry, Seneca County Planning & Community Development
  • Alexis Hobart, Community Bank, N.A.
  • Thomas Murray, Muranda Cheese Company
  • Dale Pemberton, Finger Lakes Art Council
  • Jeffery Shipley, Seneca County Chamber of Commerce
  • Howard Strader, Resident